1230 Bay

Location: Bay Harbor Islands, Fl
Status: Permitting
Site area: 10,000 sqft
Project area: 8,000 sqft
Program: Single Residence

“SDH Studio is the gold standard for an architecture and design firm. Stephanie and her team have a high attention to detail, are very professional, talented, creative and are attentive to the clients. They also find a perfect balance between design and functionality. We found them to be extremely organized, and they prepared beautiful realistic presentations so we could get a visual of the concepts and ideas. They bring the latest design trends and timeless design. Their work creates masterpieces! They offer a highly personalized experience, respond promptly, have excellent communication and listen to what the clients needs/wants are. We are thankful we had the opportunity to work with Stephanie and her team to create a home we love!”

Leah and Michael Netzer

Architecture project in Galipan El Avila, Venezuela
Architecture project in Galipan El Avila, Venezuela