98 East

This stunning two-story home is clad in beautiful materials that blend seamlessly into its lush tropical surroundings. A planter on the second-floor balcony adds a touch of natural beauty, while covered terraces to the rear of the house feature large overhangs that provide ample shade on sunny days. More planters can be found throughout the rear of the house, adding to its tropical allure.

An irregular L-shaped pool abuts a large terrace complete with a BBQ area, and is accentuated by horizontal louvres that add a sleek, modern touch to the design. This innovative use of materials and technology is a hallmark of the firm’s signature tropical modern architecture. By combining mid-century motifs with exotic South American woods and stones, elegant water features, and the most advanced sliding window and doorway technology, the firm creates indoor-outdoor living experiences that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape. The result is a stunning, harmonious design that accentuates the pristine water views and tropical setting of the property.

Bay Harbor, Florida
Site Area
11,250 sf
Project Area
7,900 sf
Single family residence
Architecture project in Galipan El Avila, Venezuela
Architecture project in Galipan El Avila, Venezuela
98 East

“Stephanie and her team have been a pleasure to work with. They really took the time to understand our needs, and worked extremely hard to satisfy them all. They are very well organized and on top of the entire process from the beginning through the approval process. Although there are many headaches and stresses when designing a home, none have been a result of the SDH team.“ Alex and Rachel

Architecture project in Galipan El Avila, Venezuela

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