The Best Residential Architects in Miami

Miami is a true fusion of architectural styles. It’s home to Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean-style villas, luxe mansions for the East Coast’s uber-rich, as well as high modern homes adapted for the sunny, sometimes sweltering, environment. In fact, an entire offshoot of Modernist architecture originates in Miami; MiMo is defined by the addition of extravagance and glamour to otherwise restrained and minimalist Modern builds—very Miami indeed. Here are the architects who are pushing the envelope and defining and re-defining the Miami residential scene.  -By Jack Cookson-

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The Best Custom Home Builders & Design-Build Firms in Miami

While Miami’s unique skyscrapers dominate the mental image of the city, the homes of the city are just as varied in style. Miami’s architects are versed in eclectic styles, and the influence of Art Deco, Mediterranean Revival, and the homegrown Miami Modern (MiMo) can be seen in many of its homes. Whether a design asks for traditional or modern, one word can sum up the best homes in the region: luxury. The following list ranks the top 10 best design-build firms in Miami, which take a client from nothing more than a blueprint for a new custom home. They represent the best that Miami has to offer, not only creating quality work but also exemplifying the city’s steadfastness in the face of natural disaster and in the diversity of its people.  -By Jack Cookson-

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