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Miami Architects – SDH Studio Architecture & Design


We are an award-winning Architecture + Interior Design firm committed to creating unparalleled designs through breathtaking spatial experiences.

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Our vision

Through our ingenious design process, unique client experience, and state-of-the-art systems & technology, we work alongside our clients to create breathtaking designs that are truly tailored to their dreams and needs.

we believe…

In the inseparable connection between architecture and our environment, turning our work into an immersive experiential journey.

Every project we design is a one-off. Each has its own unique identity and seeks to create a holistic space that redefines the experience of living in luxury.

We call this ‘The Art of Luxury Living’.

Our story

From designing the first contemporary home in a National Park to creating a life-changing design experience for our clients, SDH has become a staple of excellence in high-end architecture and interiors in South Florida and Internationally.


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our approach

SDH Studio believe that creativity and communication between client and architect are the key to inspired designs. Before we start a project, we listen attentively to each client to learn about their lifestyle and find out what inspires them. Our process relies on an open exchange of ideas that begins with your vision and culminates in a concept that is centered around enhancing your daily experiences.

Through a proactive, holistic approach that extends way beyond what an architecture firm typically delivers, SDH guide our clients through each phase of the design process from site selection and property positioning to the intricate decisions that impact both the form and function of your new home. We operate as a comprehensive resource to transform your dreams into a modern sanctuary inspired by your way of living.

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