Prado Residence, Miami

Prado Residence

“Working with Stephanie and her team has been an absolute pleasure. We started working with her after a very long and frustrating process with another renowned architecture firm. For our second project, we decided to switch architects, hoping that our experience could improve. Stephanie and her team completely changed our perspective in the most positive way. Their expertise and exquisite taste is matched by their attention to detail and excellent service ethic. Our opinion mattered and was always respectfully taken into consideration. They were always available for a quick chat or text message. We found ourselves looking forward to the next meeting. We could not be more grateful for our experience with SDH.

Andy G.

Killian Park, Pinecrest

ZAM Residence

“SDH Studio is the real deal if you’re looking for high-quality architectural and interior design for your home. Stephanie, Angie, Louis, and the rest of their incredible team have done a phenomenal job bringing our beautiful 6,500 SF dream home in Pinecrest to life. SDH set themselves apart by offering a highly personalized experience which is responsive to our needs. Stephanie went above and beyond to oversee every step of the design process, making herself available for every meeting or phone call. We highly recommend SDH Studio, and look forward to working with them again on our next project.”

Charlie Z.

Oaks Residence

S Southlake East

“Having had the pleasure of working with Stephanie and the entire SDH Studio team (twice!), I can state with confidence that this is one of the most professional, responsive, creative and detailed architectural studios in South Florida. They know the area, they know the regulations, they have experience and they deliver. Thank you Stephanie for your professionalism.”

Ilana G.

670 Golden Beach, Miami

670 Golden Beach

“Professional and creative, SDH Studio is a five star architectural design studio who is a pleasure to do business with. We highly recommend them.”

Tim L.

This project is being undertaken in association with Fedorova Architects.

Oaks Residence

Oaks Residence

“We’re extremely happy we chose SDH Studio to help us build our dream home. Stephanie and her team of talented architects, engineers and interior designers helped us crystalize our ideas into what we think has become an amazingly beautiful contemporary home. Building a home is not an easy task. It starts with a dream that evolves into a conversation and eventually turns into an idea that is made into a tangible design. In our case, an incredible one. Stephanie, Cristina, Angie, Louis, and the rest of the team led us by the hand at all times. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with the SDH team and will surely work with them again in future.”

Eduardo and Orli K.


Belle Meade Residence

“It is complicated to start a project to build your dream home. The architecture firm is crucial as they are the ones that make it happen in a timely fashion. It has been refreshing to work with a firm that says what they will do and do what they say. A firm that actually responds to emails, listens to your comments and takes them into consideration. It is also refreshing to work with a firm that makes it feel effortless for you because they are on top of things. These are the reasons why I recommend SDH Studio. I would also add that the whole team is dedicated, friendly, and know what they are doing.”

Nicolas A.

client_1_Windmill_Ranches - SDH_STUDIO

Windmill Ranches

“Stephanie Halfen is an incredibly talented Architect and Interior Designer. The minute we saw the cover of Florida Design’s MIAMI Home and Decor (Spring/Summer 2015) we knew we would be working with her firm. From our first meeting Stephanie understood what we were looking for and was able to translate it into a design that exceeded all our expectations. The professionals at SDH were wonderful. They worked closely with us making sure every detail was taken care of. We look forward to moving into our new home in 2018. Thank you SDH for making this process such and enjoyable experience.”

Gabriela R.

Bal Cross Residence

Bal Cross

“Thank you, Stephanie and Cristina! It was wonderful working with you. A really positive experience. Always amazed at the professionalism, organization, and quality of customer service of the entire SDH staff. We are super happy with the house, it exceeded all expectations, and now it’s time to enjoy it!!!”

Ighal and Sabrina G.



“It was a pleasure working with SDH Studio’s team. Even though they were in Miami and we were in Bogotá, distance was no issue, their communication was flawless. They were amazing at understanding our wants and needs and turning our dreams into reality. They went above and beyond to help us visualize every space – the ‘virtual walk-throughs’ in particular helped make us feel comfortable in every decision we made.”

Carlos and Anita


Suncrest Drive

“After an extensive search and interviewing multiple architects, we hired Stephanie for the architecture and interior design of our custom home.Aside from her talent which was obvious in reviewing her portfolio, we were amazed how she was able to take our vague ideas and borderline incoherent words and put them into a house that was as close to what we wanted as possible.Her team was very professional and easy to work with. Stephanie and her team made the process of designing our house very enjoyable for us. We highly recommend using SDH Studio.”

Kim and Joe

Living Room

Wol Residence

“We hired SDH studio to design our home, right now under construction. The experience has been really pleasant, Stephanie and her entire team are talented and easy to work with, when we meet with them they always have an excellent attitude and dedicate all the time we need, we have enjoyed a lot all the process. We would highly recommend SDH studio.”

client_8_Eastern_Shores - SDH_STUDIO

ALF Residence

“We hired SDH Studio for architectural design and interior design of a single family home. Within a couple of meetings, Stephanie understood the challenge of designing a modern home with a warm feeling and came back with the design of our dream home. The firm is professional and casual, a perfect mix for us.”

Luli A.

630 Residence

630 Residence

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Stephanie and her team. Designing a house is an intense and complex process, but we felt extremely well supported by SDH’s team throughout. With their experience, dedication and energy, they’ve taken the essence of our ‘dream home’ and transformed it into a great project. It’s been a wonderful experience and we highly recommend SDH.”

Jordi and Tania T.

Poinciana Residence

Poinciana Residence

“Stephanie and her team do what few architects do: they listen, engage, and co-create homes that truly reflect and honor the owner’s vision. The house is designed around the way that we live, and we couldn’t be happier with the design. Stephanie and her team are delight to work with, and we would happily recommend them to anyone who wants a true partner to help them bring their vision to life.”

Alex and Sue D.

AMA Residence

Park Residence

“Building your dream home is no easy task. You have to put your trust in an architect who will be attentive to your ideas, thoughts and dreams. We wanted a unique tropical modern design with natural elements and natural light. SDH has exceeded all of our expectations and has made the process stress and hassle free. Stephanie and team are organized, patient and attentive to our needs and wants. We are super appreciative of their work and highly recommend them to anybody looking to design and build a luxury dream home.”

Brett and Erika S.

AMA Residence

Good Mangos

“SDH has been a pleasure to work with. They put in the time to understand our project to give us a first-class design that works beautifully. It was obvious from day one that Stephanie is passionate about architecture and design and has studied her craft. She didn’t stop working on the plans until she was 100% happy with the result. They are a very responsive firm that has worked well with everyone involved to keep the project flowing. They have the magic.”

David T.

AMA Residence

98 East

Stephanie and her team have been a pleasure to work with. They really took the time to understand our needs, and worked extremely hard to satisfy them all. They are very well organized and on top of the entire process from the beginning through the approval process. Although there are many headaches and stresses when designing a home, none have been a result of the SDH team.“

Alex and Rachel R.

Rosengarten, Hollywood


“It is a pleasure working with SDH. Stephanie, Angie and Michelle are always attentive to the clients wants and needs. They help you navigate the process in the most seamless way connecting you to all the right vendors. We are excited to see the finished product. You will not regret hiring this talented firm for all your architectural and design needs!”

Simi and Yossi R.

AMA Residence

1230 Bay

“SDH Studio is the gold standard for an architecture and design firm. Stephanie and her team are very professional, talented, creative and their attention to detail is first class. They also find a perfect balance between design and functionality. We found them to be extremely organized, and they prepared beautifully realistic presentations so we could get a visual of the concepts and ideas. They bring the latest design trends and offer a highly personalized experience, respond promptly to questions, have excellent communication and listen to what their clients needs and wants. We’re thankful we had the opportunity to work with Stephanie and her team to create a home we love!”

Leah and Michael N.

AMA Residence

Golden Beach Ocean

“It has been a real pleasure working with the entire team at SDH. Throughout the entire process, they paid close attention to detail and innovation, while preserving the client’s needs as a guiding tool. They bring a fresh perspective to space and aesthetics. They are reliable and always accessible. SDH is a one-stop solution studio that facilitates and guides the entire process from conception through full development. I highly recommend them.”

AMA Residence

Pine Tree 

“We were lucky to find such a dedicated and competent architecture and design firm for our first home in Miami. We’ve been in the real estate business for a long time and pride ourselves on finding the best professional teams to partner with for our projects. With Stephanie and her team at SDH, we found exactly what we were looking for: a service-oriented, very professional, talented, attentive, meticulous, respectful, and competent team. Stephanie was able to communicate her passion and vision while preserving the client’s scope of work, his budget, and wishes at all times. We have no hesitation in recommending SDH Studio to create your dream house.”

Georges D.

AMA Residence

Castania Residence

“SDH conceived a beautifully designed and functional home, perfect for our family. The team skillfully integrated indoor and outdoor living into their design, combining materials with great taste. They took maximum advantage of the spaces given the limitations of our lot, and most importantly, they made it a priority to understand how the “living dynamics” of our family work when designing our dream home. It is a delight to work with this talented group of professionals”

Leopoldo B.

661 Layne, Hallandale

661 Layne Residence

“Working with SDH has been the best decision we could have made. They understand and implement well all of your ideas and necessities, going the extra mile to maximize the functionality of every space. They guide you through the entire process so that you are completely satisfied with the final product. The interior design is also impeccable and of the highest quality. Without a doubt, they are the best at what they do.”

Alfredo and Cathy

AMA Residence

AMA Residence

“SDH Studio team is a very professional one and I couldn’t be happier… The design of my house is amazing and I would definitely recommend them for your dream house.”

Alex A.


Lake & Wine Residence

“We are extremely happy we chose to work with SDH Studio.
Working with Stephanie and her team has been an absolute pleasure. The whole team is committed to making the process an experience. Designing a new house is not an easy process and could be stressful. This has been the complete opposite. Dates are kept. Meetings are meaningful and the design process really flows. Consideration for our needs has always been in the forefront without compromising design and functionality. A+ to SDH”

Kenny and Raquel L.

Teusaca 7

Bir Residence

“We are extremely happy we chose to work with SDH Studio. Both the Lead Architect and the Project Manager were very attentive and responsive to our preferences, wants and needs, they were highly knowledgeable and guided us through any doubts or concerns we had. Their work was delivered  promptly whether it was an initial draft, revision or a final document. Most important of all, SDH created a gorgeous design for us that fit flawlessly with our family’s tastes and lifestyle. We highly recommend SDH Studio without reservation.”

Joel and Gabriela B.


Marko Residence

“We couldn’t have been happier working with SDH Studio. Stephanie is a passionate, warm, and friendly professional who has a team around her that complements her vision and ethos perfectly. The entire process from preliminary design to permitted plans was incredibly efficient and the team worked seamlessly together to make it all happen. Stephanie has the vision but she takes her client’s ideas, perspective, and needs very seriously as she integrates them into the design. We’re so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with SDH and highly recommend them for anyone planning to see their dream project brought to life.”

Jon and Sharon M.

FER featured image

FER Residence
“I came across the SDH portfolio when searching for an architect to design my residential home in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I was immediately impressed with the clean and modern design of the homes in their portfolio and contacted the team to assist in designing my dream home. The process was seamless even though we resided in two different countries, their ability to listen to the client and turn the client’s vision into a reality was truly remarkable. Not only were the SDH team successful in designing to my specifications, they also ensured the home fit seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Extremely professional everything was done within schedule and in a timely manner. It was truly a pleasure working with Stephanie and her team.”

Natasha F.

enchanted point
Enchanted Point

“ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Stephanie designed our dream home!!! It’s such a beautiful house!! In addition to its beautiful design, every aspect of the home makes daily living easy and practical for our family. The beauty of the outdoors is brought inside from every window in the house. Apart from their talent for architecture, Stephanie and the entire team at SDH are so fun and easy to work with! Every question is answered promptly and every request is treated as a top priority. I can go on and on… but to summarize: Stephanie Dornbusch Halfen and her team are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!”

Laura and Max Waich

bay point

Bay Point

“I found SDH Studio on the Houzz website and reached out to set up a meeting with them. From my first meeting with Stephanie, she exuded a sense of calm and the level of attention to detail that I was looking for. She spent time understanding our interests, likes and dislikes before proposing a design that was spot on. Throughout the whole coronavirus situation, Stephanie and her team held multiple video calls with me, walking me through architectural drawings and changes in painstaking detail to ensure the project stayed on track. I would wholeheartedly recommend SDH Studio to anyone looking for a quality team to work with on their project.”

Sanket P.

CV Advisors

“We hired SDH Studio to design our new 12,200 Square Feet office space in Aventura, Florida. Stephanie and her team are an incredible group of professionals, they are truly efficient, flexible and have an amazing work ethic. They have a very unique ability to listen to their client’s needs in order to shape their design accordingly. We have worked with other architecture firms before and this truly sets SDH Studio apart form the rest. It made the process remarkably enjoyable while we reached a final design that is 100% tailored to our company’s vision. We highly recommend SDH Studio for any of your architecture and design needs.”

Elliot Dornbusch – CV Advisors

bay point

654 Golden Beach Drive

“It’s been a pleasure working with SDH studio! They have an amazing work ethic and attention to detail. They are very in tuned with their costumer’s needs but also adding their creative touch. It has been a very enjoyable experience!”

Claudia and Jose E.


1115 Diplomat

“Stephanie Halfen/SDH Studio designed our new Tropical Modern home, now under construction. She is extremely knowledgeable, imaginative and easy to work with. She is well versed in construction and was able to guide us on how much options we considered would cost. Her office is very well organized. All the work was done promptly. Our builder says the architectural drawings and plans are excellent and very thorough. We had no issues getting our permits approved. All of our (minor) changes have been quickly and efficiently addressed. Plus, she’s just a really nice, smart person. I highly recommend her and SDH.”

Marc and Karen B.

bay point

North Carolina

“Although we like a contemporary look, we wanted something a little more ‘farm modern’ with contemporary elements. Stephanie seemed excited and ready for the challenge, so she came up to North Carolina straight away to walk the lot and take pictures (this was during the Christmas vacation!). I’m extremely picky so I definitely wasn’t her easiest client and not living in South Florida could have made it more challenging, but SDH’s communication was flawless. They worked very hard at understanding our vision and drew up a beautiful home for us. We can’t thank both Stephanie and Cristina enough for their hard work.”

Cindy S.


Enchanted Lakes

“We’re super happy with the house! I really congratulate you for the great work you did on the design, construction and space planning… truly amazing!”

Javier M.


Bay Heights Drive

“We hired SDH to design our first home. Our experience has been truly flawless. It has exceeded all our expectations. Stephanie understood our vision immediately and has been AMAZING throughout this whole process. Her entire team has also been extremely helpful and kind as well. We would be happy to work with SDH again in the future and highly recommend them!.”

Mara and Juan Lorenzo M.

Lake View

Lake View

“We definitely made the right choice when choosing Stephanie and her team to build our house by the lake! Stephanie has such great and innovative ideas and most of all she listens to our needs and preferences and fit them into the total plan. Her office will handle our entire project from design to completion. Communication with her and her team is wonderful as they provide clear answers to all of our questions. They are all very responsive and friendly.”

Dina and Paul L.

client_3_197_Street - SDH_STUDIO

197 Street

“We were happily satisfied by the level of talent and professionalism offered by Stephanie and her team. They listened and came back with an exceedingly better representation of our vision. SDH Studio has a keen eye for space planning and evergreen design.”

Eduardo A.

client_1_Windmill_Ranches - SDH_STUDIO

345 Golden Beach Drive

“SDH Studio, is represented by its owner Stephanie Halfen. She is creative, extremely organized and very easy to work with. She has the best attitude and an openness to please her clients . Deadlines are always met and she makes sure to work with the clients budget. I recommend her with great confidence.”

Rossana F.

client_5_North_Miami_Beach - SDH_STUDIO

North Miami Beach

“We hired the firm SDH Studio to design our new home in Miami FL. Stephanie Halfen far surpassed our expectations. It was easy and flexible to work with and she was intricately involved during every step including planning, permits, design and constructions supervision. She created our dream home!”

Natacha A.

client_6_Broadview_Drive - SDH_STUDIO

Broadview Drive

“I have been working with SDH Studio for the past year. The level of professionalism is uncanny. Stephanie, the principal designer is not only amazingly talented, but extremely understanding to every clients different needs. All of the employes are highly skilled, and extremely nice. It is a pleasure to work with every single one. It is a real treat to be able to work with a group of people who are highly qualified and take tremendous joy in their craft.”

Michelle P.

client_7_Sky_Lake_II - SDH_STUDIO

Sky Lake II

“Stephanie and her refined crew at SDH Studio are excellent architects and designers. Stephanie perfectly balances an impeccable, modern yet warm design style while staying conscious of a projects bottom line. She has a remarkable ability for efficient space planning, always maximizing the buildings footprint. I’ve worked with SDH Studio on multiple occasions and every time they manage to impress from concept to closing.”

Ezra K.

client_8_Eastern_Shores - SDH_STUDIO

Eastern Shores

“We have hired SDH studio to design a luxury 6500sf spec home. Stephanie, architect and owner, is a pleasure to work with. Extremely professional, understood exactly what we wanted, very communicative and doesn’t let anything in her way to deliver what we needed. Very pleasant, direct and honest.Choosing the right architect for your project can be challenging. You want them to be available to answer your questions (and there are lots of them along the way). Stephanie always gets back within a timely manner. Having the right person on board makes the mission easier. Stephanie was the first of three architects we interviewed and we are extremely happy with her performance.”

Eti and Nir M.

client_9_Lake_Point - SDH_STUDIO

Lake Point

“It was truly a blessing having SDH Studio by our side designing our home. Their vision is far beyond what we could have hoped for. We absolutely loved working with Stephanie Halfen. She is extremely talented, sweet and patient. She took all the time to carefully explain the entire process and to design all of our needs while creating the house of our dreams. We are really happy to have worked with her and the entire amazing SDH Studio team!.”

Nathaly L.

client_10_65-Bal_Harbour - SDH_STUDIO

65 Bal Harbour

“I hired SDH for three high-end residential projects. Stephanie showed us several of her previous jobs and I was very impressed with the interior and exterior design, and space distribution. As of today, two of the three projects are under construction and on schedule. All drawings have been accepted with minimal changes from our GC. I would highly recommend SDH for professional architecture and design services.”

Tania M.


Bamboo Residence

“Building our home has been an exciting and smooth process thanks to Stephanie. She has given us a sense of security that made it very easy to trust her decisions from the very beginning. Stephanie has guided us through every step of the way; from helping us channel our ideas to create a concept to selecting from an immense world of materials and finishes. We believe her confidence and good organizational skills, has allowed Stephanie to pay attention to every detail while keeping the project running on time. It is quite comforting to know that she is always working with our best interest in mind.”

client_10_65-Bal_Harbour - SDH_STUDIO

475 Center Island Drive

“When you are building your home, it’s really hard to find the right words to describe your needs, desires, and expectations, but Stephanie has the talent and the sensitivity to bring all those words and ideas out of you. I believe this stems from unique character traits that differentiate her from most architects. The humbleness of her personality, her high ethics and standards, her creativity, her empathetic listening style, and her genuine concern for what her client’s truly want made it so easy for us to work with her. Stephanie will deliver the work effectively, professionally, and with something that we personally value the most: honest commitment and dedication.”

Mariam D.

client_8_Eastern_Shores - SDH_STUDIO

2415 Residence

“Stephani is an exceptional designer. Her attention to detail made the process fast and efficient. She was able to accommodate us while highlighting her modern and beautiful design. I feel really fortunate to live in one of her amazing homes. Every step of the construction was flawless and has resulted in a very happy client living in a very beautiful home. We really loved working with her and the whole SDH team and would highly recommend them to others.”

Stefany S.

client_13_480_North_Parkway - SDH_STUDIO

480 North Parkway

“Stephanie combines a great modern minimalist aesthetic with construction pragmatism and local knowledge. We asked her to collaborate with another design firm from abroad, and she did a great job intertwining the ideas and sharing the workload. We are extremely happy with our choice and could not recommend her more highly.”
Patricia and Nick W.

client_14_Southwest_Ranches - SDH_STUDIO

Southwest Ranches

“Stephanie has lead us through nearly 2 years of wonderful and assertive decisions in regard to our dream project. From the very start she had interpreted with her magnificent ideas, images of spaces that created the perfect environment for our needs. We cannot speak highly enough of her professional level, her complete dedication to the smallest details, and always with an outstanding attitude. Working with Stephanie made it easy and pain free regarding certain difficulties with different contractors. Feeling that you have someone so devoted to your project, made us always feel at ease, she would go that extra step to make sure we were satisfied.”

Annie and Oscar C.

client_15_Galipan_El_Avila - SDH_STUDIO

Galipan El Avila

“Stephanie was able to bring to life our vision of a paradise within a paradise. She understood the challenges of working with our needs, and the importance of utilizing materials provided by nature around us. She is decisive and adaptable, always maintaining a cohesive vision. We feel lucky to have had her as the artist of our master plan.”

Becky and Meyer M.