Cleveland Residence

Dec 7, 2021

Located on a narrow plot in Miami Beach facing the canal, this contemporary-style house features a unique front facade. The garage volume faces away from the street, creating a solid element that provides privacy, while the use of planters softens the hard surfaces of the stone and glass, to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

At the rear of the property, large glass openings provide stunning views of the canal and connect the indoor and outdoor living spaces. The outdoor entertainment area features a gazebo with an outdoor kitchen and dining area, as well as a pool deck and swimming pool. A covered terrace located right outside the main living room provides additional space for outdoor living.

A metal trellis on the second level provides filtered sunlight to the second-floor balcony, while the use of planters softens the horizontal lines of the entire facade.

Miami Beach, Florida
Site Area
11,250 sf
Project Area
7,000 sf
Multi-family residential