I guess I should start by saying that ignorance is bliss…

Halfway through my last year of college, two close friends asked me if I was interested in designing and building their new home which was to be located in El Avila National Park. As you can imagine my immediate answer was ABSOLUTELY!

I had no idea what dealing with the National Guard was like, nor dealing with engineers and permits, plus I had never managed a construction site before, let alone one in a National Park for which I would have to jump on a 4×4 Jeep to climb almost 3,000 feet up the mountain every morning to meet up with a construction crew of 15 men. I was given the opportunity of a lifetime and I did not care I had no idea how to do it, somehow I would do it! (again… ignorance is bliss!!).

In order to be able to study the design in-depth, I decided to turn the project into my graduation thesis project. Given that it was to be located in a National Park, sustainability became a huge driver of the project. I presented my thesis in April 2005 and construction began a few days later.

It truly turned out to be the experience of a lifetime. Having the opportunity to take a project from a preliminary concept to a finished home, while having full responsibility for its construction was beyond incredible!

I will never fully understand how my friends managed to put their faith in me at a point in which I had zero experience, but I will be forever grateful.

A little more of the story in an interview with our amazing clients🙌


Preliminary Conceptual sketch and detailed drawings.


Presenting the project @ my Alma mater “Universidad Simon Bolivar” ☺