Belle Meade

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Location: Miami, Florida
Status: Under Construction
Site area: 20,700 Sq. ft.
Project area: 7250 Sq. Ft.
Program: Single family Residence

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Ocean View
Ocean View


“It is complicated to start a project consisting of building your dream home. The architecture firm is crucial as they are the ones that make it happen in a timely fashion or not being at the inception of the project.<br /> It has been refreshing to work with a firm that says that they do and do what they say. A firm that actually respond to emails, listen to your comments and take them into consideration. It is also refreshing to work with a firm that makes it feel effortless for you and such because they are on the top of things. All those reasons are why I recommend SDH Studio. Would also add that the whole team is dedicated, friendly and knows what they are doing.”