Located in the heart of Pinecrest this home is nestled within an oasis of matured Oaks. Taking advantage of the beauty of the trees the floor plan was designed to embrace their spectacular canopies and textured trunks. It developed as a sequence of enchanted intimate but grand views that reveal themselves as you walk along through the different spaces of the home. The volumes float above the ground to allow for their expansive aged roots to continue to grow while maintaining the building structurally sound.

Location: Pinecrest, Florida
Status: Under Construction
Site area: 29,620 Sq. ft.
Project area: 8000 Sq. Ft.
Program: Single family Residence

Timeless Design! We are extremely happy to have chosen SDH Studio to help us build our dream home. Stephanie and her team of talented architects, engineers and interior designers helped us materialize our ideas into what we think has become an amazing and timeless contemporary home design. Building a home is not an easy task. It all starts with a dream that evolves into a conversation and eventually turns into an idea that is made into a tangible design. In our particular case, an incredible one. Stephanie, Cristina, Angie, Louis and the rest of the team will lead you by the hand at all times and will make the process an enjoyable one. We could have not been happier with our decision to work with Stephanie and her team and will surely work with SDH Studio again in our future projects.