Ocean View

As the name of this property in Belize suggests, with a rear facade that is completely transparent towards the ocean, this house offers breathtaking views of the beautiful ocean scene.

The front of the house boasts coral stone volumes and louver designs that allow natural light to penetrate the interior while maintaining privacy. A water feature with a central garden makes for a refreshing entrance.

The house seamlessly blends natural elements, creating a harmonious living space that offers both comfort and style. Planters flow from the second story to divide the two volumes that surround the house, creating a stunning visual effect and adding a touch of natural beauty to the overall design.

Adjacent to the covered terrace at the rear is the pool area, which features its own cabana – perfect for outdoor socializing with family and friends.

Ladyville, Belize
Site Area
47,628 sf
Project Area
9,490 sf
Single family residence

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